Choosing colours for your home…

Choosing colours for your home can be a really stressful prospect for some people and if you’re nodding your head reading this I can guarantee that you play it safe; you might add the odd brightly coloured scatter cushion here and there but the thought of going bold on your walls may just be sufficient to keep you awake at night.

If you love the paired back, muted tones of a Scandi look that’s great but if you’re longing for some splashes of colour in your home and want to get it ‘right’ you may just want to read on…

So we’re not going to talk about the colour wheel or the 60:30:10 ratio (but I can do a separate blog on these subjects if you’d like!) but we are going to look at what colour actually IS as understanding this may just help you getting unstuck.


Colour Is Light.

Different wavelengths of light produce the different colours we see hence without light there isn’t any colour. This is why lights has such a profound effect on the colours we see and why it’s REALLY important to test colours in the specific room you’re decorating before getting carried away with that paintbrush. Remember the same colour will look different under artificial light from how it does in natural daylight; the same colour will look different in a north facing room to how it looks in a south facing room and the same colour will look ever so slightly different on each wall of the room you’re about to decorate because of how the light ‘is’ in that room.

Something else worth remembering is that all those however many shades of grey, beige, off white etc etc are all mixed from combinations of the primary colours with additions of black and/or white.

The main base colour used to mix a particular tone can sometimes be seen in certain lights and you may have actually used a particular shade of neutral that once on the wall looked a little bit red or purple. This is known as an undertone and you can only see them in certain light and boy can they be annoying hence why testing a colour in the light of the room you’re about to decorate is so important.


Tune In To Your Colours

Once you tune into really looking at colours you’ll be able to spot these undertones as well as be able to see which tones of colours work together and why. And if you’re stuck for inspiration look outside; Mother Nature has created some glorious combinations.

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